Yoga Benefit Women

10 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Women

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For how many decades, we have witnessed many convergences of medicine and psychological theories with ancient Eastern practices. Originally developed in Ancient India, yoga and mindfulness meditation has been addressing health issues.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to connect, join, or balance. It is a mindfulness technique that combines physical postures, deep breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. Science has shown that yoga is beneficial due to its ability to increase mind-body awareness, promote physical movement, and develop a deeper connection with one’s internal experience of emotions, thoughts, and sensations.

Yoga Benefit Women
Yoga Benefit Women

However, some aspects of yoga are particularly supportive of women. Aside from improving one’s state of mind every day, yoga also helps the physical conditions of the body. Relative to men, women are more at risk of experiencing reproductive-related health issues due to physiological hormonal shifts like menstruation, and health crises such as breast cancer.

Here are 10 yoga benefits that can give to women:


Strength and Posture

There is proper yoga poses for the strengthening of the bones and muscles. With the proper way of doing these poses, your flexibility and coordination will also increase. All of this will help you from injury whether muscle or bone. Studies show that an average 80% of osteoporosis sufferers are women, which is why it is absolutely necessary for you to take bone health very seriously. Yoga, specifically, weight-bearing yoga poses help in building bones and improving bone density. It has been shown that women who practice yoga regularly have a lower body mass index which makes it easier for them to maintain their body weight.

Strength and Posture - Yoga Benefit Women
Strength and Posture – Yoga Benefit Women

Skin Protection and Glow

A study conducted at Cornell University shows that the skin takes longer to repair when you are under stress. In other words, those acne and pimple breakouts, and other blemishes will stay on your skin longer than usual. Because yoga emphasizes stress relief and relaxation of the mind and the body, it will help in giving and maintaining your skin’s glow every day.

Toned Body

Yoga is also a physical exercise. Rather than increasing muscles like going to the gym, yoga stretches the muscles and opens the energy channels of the body. Therefore, you will not look buff but toned. Yoga helps in toning and defining our body parts. A regular practice will help our entire body to be sculpted and strengthened.


Yoga has the power to help you connect and focus more on having a deep connection with your inner self, which increases your self-awareness. By being aware of your body, you are helping yourself in improving posture and increasing self-confidence. Having a stress-free mind and having a love for your own self-are one of the main ingredients for self-confidence.


Although it may not happen overnight, with the regular practice of yoga you will definitely gain flexibility. This will help in stretching the notoriously tight muscles like your back, shoulders, and hips. Additionally, yoga will also alleviate the natural aging processes which will decrease mobility and flexibility.

Flexibility - Yoga Benefit Women
Flexibility – Yoga Benefit Women

Stress Reduction

Stress can never be avoided. Wherever we are, there are always situations that present potential stress. Because women are more likely the multi-taskers, there will always be a load of stress being carried around on top of their heads. With the practice of breathing techniques and meditation, yoga will help you reduce stress. It also lowers the blood pressure which means it also reduces the production of the stress hormone.

Mental Health Care

A researched published in 2015 by Psychiatry and Neuroscience showed that women are far more likely to suffer from depression than men. Also, according to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety, and feeling of being overwhelmed also affect women in great numbers. However, medication techniques through yoga, like breath control and mind disengagement, will help you stay calm and keep your mind away from anxiety and other intense feelings.

Mental Care - Yoga Benefit Women
Mental Care – Yoga Benefit Women

Hormonal Help

Women are known to have experiences of hormonal imbalance from time to time. As much as how unpleasant it is, mood swings, fatigue, bloat, digestive problems, or worse, cramps, can happen depending on where you are in your cycle. However, the practice of yoga will help you control the unpleasant feelings of your cycle and ease the menstrual cramps. It helps stimulate, activate, and balance the glands and organs that are responsible for hormonal health.

Childbirth (pregnancy and postpartum)

Yoga can be a great friend to have by your side through your journey towards motherhood. From family planning to pregnancy to birth and postpartum, yoga will help you in every step of the way. With the proper poses, it will help stimulate the ovaries, support the lower back, and open the hips. Research also shows that yoga helps in decreasing labor pain and physical discomfort during pregnancy and labor.

Regular Sleep Cycle

According to a study in Medical Science Monitor, the patients who practice yoga and meditation regularly through the day sleep better at night than those who don’t. Because it reduces anxiety and stress, you will have no problem falling asleep at night. In addition, it will also help in giving you a calm and peaceful sleep without sleeping problems or disorders.

Some people say yoga is not just a practice – it is a lifestyle. Through yoga, you will actually receive all these benefits and more. The most important changes that happened in people’s lives are actually because of their regular practice of yoga. More specifically for women, yoga has made such huge differences in their lives that made them better individuals.

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