Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results

Fitness Training: How To Create a Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results

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Contrary to popular belief, spending hours every day in the gym does not guarantee excellent results. There are other factors that can have a significant impact on your client’s fitness and health. As fitness trainers, it is crucial for you to acquaint your client to other measures and methods where they can get the best out of their fitness plan even when they are not doing their workout routines. Also, in today’s age, individuals find it a hard time to squeeze gym appointments in their tight schedule. This means that it should be your prerogative to create workouts that can be done in a short period of time without compromising the results that your client wishes to achieve.


There are a lot of approaches and methods that you can utilize and implement on your client’s fitness plan that would take us less of their time.


Below are some of the best tips and strategies that you can use to help you in this cause:

  1. Strictly Stick To The Plan – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


Refuse to allow your client to make excuses so that they could get comfortability instead of results. If you allow them to do that, that would be a failure on your end. Instead, always remind them to stick to the plan that you have prepared for them, and tell them twice that their rest would only come when they reach the end of it.

Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results

Through this, they would not only reach the results that they want, but you are also making sure that they get the most out of the time that they spend working out under your supervision. It would be a success on both of your sides.

  1. Dwell On The Intensity – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


There are workout routines that suggested and have proven that workouts that consist of heavy intensity and shorter rest in between intervals are the best option for someone who wants to get the best same result in a short time.

Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results - High intensity Workout

Studies supporting this method says that doing high-intensity workout compels and makes your body gain more results for this allows the client to burn fatter and develop muscles better if compared to exercises that let the client spend more time on the gym.


However, using this strategy means that you will be squeezing your client’s willingness and using it to motivate them as they go through high-intensity workout routines. Therefore, it is another extra task for you to keep them motivated and on track.

  1. Time Restrictions – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


Aside from choosing the strategy of focusing on the intensity, utilizing time restriction can also be very helpful. This refers to the technique where you implement a strict time limitation for each routine or for each exercise that your client is performing. Being strict on the time that they spend on each task would shorten your workout, without sacrificing the quality of workout that you have designed for your client.


You can also use this type of strategy by imposing stricter attention when it comes to the amount of time that they spend resting in between intervals of every workout. This way, they would avoid dilly-dallying and be taking too much rest inside the gym.

  1. Make Them Skip The Gym – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


Sometimes, it just takes too much human time to go to the gym and perform workouts there. With this, as their trainer, it would be a superb idea if you create and develop them a workout plan and routine that would not require them to go to the gym.


There are a number of available workout routines that require zero equipment. Through this, your client would have the convenience of maintaining their fitness plan without having to travel and spend the time in the gym.

  1. Set A Plan – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


People who go to the gym sometimes don’t plan a workout or exercise before arriving, which makes them spend longer durations in the gym. Worse, because of this, they don’t get the best of the free time that they spent for their fitness and health. With this, it is your responsibility to set a plan for every workout session with your client.

Ideally, focusing on a series of workout that focuses on a specific body part/s are the way to go. This way, time spent on the gym will not be wasted.

  1. Hit Two Birds With One Stone – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


Numerous workout routines target not just one part of your body, and it would be smart if you put your client up to this type of workout. Through this, your client will not only be shredding some fat and gaining some muscles, but they are also maximizing the amount of exercise that they can do in a short time.

  1. Give Attention to the Diet – Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results


Aside from spending and investing too much in going to the gym to do workout routines, dwelling on your client’s diet plan can also be the way to go. In fact, the amount of hard work that they have done in the gym can be put to waste if they neglect their diet needs.

Shorter Workout Without Sacrificing Results - Give attention to diet

There are a lot of diet plans that would not just maintain their physique, but would also aid and reinforce their input in the gym. As their trainer, it should be one of your initiative that you acquaint them with the diet plans that are best for them. This way, both your time and your client’s time spent on the gym will not be in vain.

Achieving that ideal fitness and health will always be hard work, and it sometimes takes too much toll on you and your client’s schedule and time. Therefore, it is better for you to maximize the best strategies and ideas for your client’s fitness. Also, aside from you client having the satisfaction of spending less time in the gym, this would also give you the same benefit. Make sure to pick and develop the best strategy to implement for your client’s fitness plan without compromising the quality of service that you are offering them.


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