Marketing your Gym to Millenials

Five Tips for Marketing your Gym to Millenials

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The millennial generation indeed are strong in number—they are about 75 million of the overall population of the globe. Aside from being described as the most diverse, the millennials of today are also goal-oriented and great at being multitaskers. If you are a gym enthusiast and you aim to market your agenda to them, the challenge then, for you, is how? How would you like to capture the attention of millennials just so you gain mutual benefits? To be honest, it is not an easy task that is why it calls for different appropriate strategies. The good news is that you are not alone in the dilemma—when it calls for bridging the gap between their wants and needs in relation with achieving a sound body and mind through physical fitness, here are list of five effective and efficient tips which you must consider in dealing with the millennials.


Making Use of the Digitalized Technology


Marketing your Gym to Millenials - Digitalized Technology
Marketing your Gym to Millenials – Digitalized Technology

If there is anyone who has the right to be called a digital native, either he or she must be a millennial. A millennial is familiar with everything digital, even more. These are the people who grew up with everything fed to them. They want nothing but instant—instant internet access, instant WiFi password, instant foods, even. And because of this, they always get information on the current issues and trends literally at their fingertips. With just one click on their smart screen, they can already share tweets and posts and thus knowing everything about everyone. According to one reliable source, most millennials today tend to sleep with their earphones on while playing their favorite playlist. This just means that they are wired with their gadgets so much that they tend to be absorbed in their virtual worlds. Your role then as a fitness influencer is to provide an interactive and entertaining digital experience that would completely anchor to your own desired purpose.


Making Use of Experiences as Springboard


Marketing your Gym to Millenials - Springboard
Marketing your Gym to Millenials – Springboard

These types of people, deep down, have a search for deeper essence. Meaning, when you try to get them to exercise, they will actually have to think about it first because they will have to evaluate of its significance and the meaningful experience that they can get out of it.  According to one credible source, the idea on fitness experience has entirely changed into a new perspective because of the digital economy. Meaning, the gym membership is now more focused on establishing relationships than doing the actual workout itself. As much as the workout experience is important, making connections with people is put more premium on. It just means that more than being physically active, they also desire to find their identity somehow and identify with people they meet with during workouts. They have this underlying desire to live good kinds of experiences with good people for them to be able to say that they were somehow fulfilled at the end of the day.

Thus, if you want to influence them of your being a fitness enthusiast, have an appropriate character and behavior in dealing with them because it is you who can either make or break their decision. Gym Insight explains, “Look at everything that you do and evaluate it from the perspective of your members.” It is not a one size fits all game, rather, it is a marathon of intentionality and being purposive in the task.


Making Use of the Beauty of Social Media


Marketing your Gym to Millenials - Beauty of Social Media
Marketing your Gym to Millenials – Beauty of Social Media

Speaking of digitalized age, we do not leave behind the wonders of social media. Almost everything gets uploaded online and so as a fitness enthusiast, your role is to create a fitness culture that allows these millennials to interact willingly with one another. With the different trends that can be found within these social media applications, you absolutely do not have an excuse for a boring fitness strategy. According to one reliable source, millennials of today motivate themselves with uploading and posting photos of themselves on social media. They have this desire to be desired and acknowledged as if the number of likes and reactions they get somehow equal their value and significance. Since these people tend to find significance and relatively unreasonable cravings in social media, you really have to let them think otherwise through having a healthy support system online.


Making Excellence Slowly but Surely


Since these millennials are not really fond of spending several hours at the gym, you can offer short but very powerful classes with many flexible drop-in options so that they will be able to make it to the gym without any compromises.


Making Use of the Labelling


Marketing your Gym to Millenials - Labelling
Marketing your Gym to Millenials – Labelling

Millennials can have varied choices to choose from when it comes to picking a gym. Your task then is to make your fitness business the most desired fitness business from the rest. What distinguishes it from the rest of the gyms? It is important for you to answer your WHAT. According to one source, you must also think of millennials as a contributing creator or ambassador of the entire fitness experience. It is not advisable for you to have a frictionless brand because what suits these millennials is to actually get them to be involved in the process—and in turn, make them feel valued. Millennials will have to look first over your labelling before they actually label your label.

At the end of the day, millennials only want authenticity and sincerity coming from fitness business owners. The point here is that no matter how focused you are on achieving these perfect body if you do not have proper relationships with your clients; all that you have been doing is futile. Remember that more than just the money, what you get or will be getting is priceless stories that are worth listening to and sharing with, with terms and conditions. You do not just be there for the sake of being there, it is with the utmost intentionality that you lead them to not just achieving their desired body but shaping their behavior as well.

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