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Creative and Interesting Ideas to Include in Your Fitness Coaching

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Generally, everything that’s static and dull gets less and less engagement and attention as the time passes by. When it comes to fitness coaching or fitness training, clients typically come and go, which forces you to take extra steps to improve your creativity and innovativeness in order to keep the clients coming. Aside from marketing yourself to your clients and potential ones, you also need to be able to keep your service interesting for your clients as a form of motivational strategy to keep them in the process of making themselves better people with healthier bodies and lifestyles.


While keeping people interested and consistent when it comes to engaging with their fitness program is a really hard task, we took the liberty to list a few strategies that can help you in building a reputation for being an effective fitness coach. Below are few creative and exciting activities that you can include and incorporate to your fitness coaching that will surely help you give highly satisfactory service to your clients. Make sure to follow and observe these strategies, and you’ll surely get a number of clients coming your way.


Initiate Challenges  – Ideas for Fitness Coaching

Workout Shorter Dumbell

If you have a group of people under your service of fitness coaching, then it might be a fun idea to invite them to challenges. Initiate them with friendly competitions with your other clients to entice fun in the gym. You can make the challenge free for everyone or with a fee, either way, what’s important is for your clients to look forward to something new and exciting. To do this, you have to encourage and package the competition to your clients in a way that they will be inspired to do more of their workout and exercises for there will be incentives in the form of a prize if they win. This way, they will most likely push themselves to the limit and perform better at the gym while being still on the fitness program that you have planned for them.


Reward System Ideas for Fitness Coaching


Going to the gym and doing some routines and exercises religiously will sometimes become tiring and exhausting to the point where some clients get tired of coming back. To counter this problem, it might be a great idea to introduce a reward system for them. You can give them rewards such as deals or discounts to gym services whenever they achieve something like 7-day streak at the gym or being the one who spends most time at the gym. However, you have to make sure that you have a partnership with the gym before you start doing this.


Group Activities Ideas for Fitness Coaching

Group activities

Build a small community with your clients and organize group activities that where everyone gets the satisfaction of having both the progress that they need and the fun that they want. For example, you can host an activity where you and all of your clients go out together for a job in the park as a form of cardio exercise or a party where the food that is served are healthy ones and are supplemental to their health and fitness. This way, you won’t just be able to acquaint you clients with one another which would surely be fun, but you are also not sacrificing the progress that they have signed up for.


Take it Outdoors Ideas for Fitness Coaching


There are a lot of activities where exercises and sports are incorporated, and a number of them are situated outdoors which make them more fun to do. You can bring your small group of clients to adventures such as trail running, trekking, and biking which are very popular activities for those who want to be with nature while doing some cardio. Even taking them to an open park will work. It might also be a refreshing experience for them if you take them somewhere that’s not in the four corners of the gym. This way, they’ll surely get excited and eager to do wellness to their bodies and their lifestyles.


Cheat Day but Without the Guilt –  Ideas for Fitness Coaching


Once in a while, we should seek ways to reward ourselves for the hard work that we put into the things that we do. As a fitness coach, you can reward your clients for performing so well, and you can do this in the form of a “cheat day.” Whenever they accomplish or manifest progress impressively, you can reward them with food; however, you should still make sure that the food that you give them won’t compromise or harm the fitness program that they are in. You can do this by choosing food or beverages that are healthy, preferably the ones that tasty and delicious but still are supplemental to their health and fitness regime.


As fitness trainers and coaches, we want our clients to be able to achieve their goal or perhaps their optimum health. To do this, it is important to innovate and use creative ideas in order for the clients to be interested in always doing what’s right for their body.


If you try to use the strategies mentioned above, you will most likely improve your client’s interest in getting fit and healthy. However, it would be essential to remain to be observant and responsive when it comes to implementing these ideas. For example, one method might not work for all since not everyone is of the same feather. Therefore, it still requires you and your expertise in personalizing and tailor-fitting a program and plan that is best fit for every one of your client. Being effective when it comes to elevating interest and engagement means that you should always take note of how your client responds, and use that observation as a tool for you to create the best, most suitable idea for everyone. Always know that reaching out to your existent market niche will never be easy. Thus, you have to continue being innovative and creative in order for your business to become smooth sailing and be perfectly on the path to stability and success.

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