how to motivate fitness clients

Fitness Training: How to Motivate Clients Better

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It is every fitness trainer’s satisfaction to see their clients have the best fitness and health transformation. Even if they signed up to take your guidance and advice when it comes to making themselves better and healthier, they still need a lot of encouragement and reinforcement in order for them to be in their optimum state where they can function better as individuals who want to reshape their lifestyle. This responsibility rests on every fitness trainer, and that’s why it’s important to take extra research on how to be a very effective trainer to your client.


Below are seven tips on how to motivate clients effectively:


  1. Individualize Each Approach – How to Motivate Clients Better


Creating a blanket approach to implement for every client that you have might be disastrous. One fitness diet and plan of one might not be the appropriate one for the other. With this, it is better to get yourself well acquainted with each client for you to be able to determine their unique needs and create a fitness plan that is tailor-made to their specific needs.

how to motivate fitness clients

Furthermore, if you implement an individualized approach to your clients, it would give them the impression that you are doing your job well; thus, giving them more incentive to follow and trust your counsel since you made them feel that their progress is also of value to you.


  1. Know The “Why” – How to Motivate Clients Better


Clients who seek professional advice and guidance from a fitness trainer often have a pretty good reason and motivation as to why they want to improve their lifestyle. It’s incredibly helpful if you would use this in order to motivate and reinforce their intention to them. Sometimes, while they’re on the path, they lose track of why they took up the training in the first place. Therefore, it would significantly improve their performance if you motivate them by reminding them of the very reason why they started the training.


  1. Provide More Reasons – How to Motivate Clients Better


Sometimes, reinforcing clients with their own reasons would come inadequate in the long term. Educate, inform, and convince them of other benefits of maintaining the training and fitness plan. With this, your client will have not just their own reason for motivation. Provide them your professional input when it comes to real life benefits and advantages.


Along with this, it is essential for your clients to see that you manifest the results that they desire to have. Therefore, it is also a must for you to keep yourself healthier and well. Remember that you are also the product sample of your own service. If you look rather unhealthy and uncoordinated, it would be no surprise if your client would lose their trust in you and the program that you have created for them.


  1. Connect Them With Other Clients – How to Motivate Clients Better


Sometimes, building a small community for your clients to interact with each other can be very helpful. Have them bond and develop a friendship with each other. With this, aside from looking forward to doing the workout, they will have another incentive of going to the gym. If you’re lucky, your clients might even talk about how your fitness plan has been so beneficial for them since they took it. Going together for a jog in a park or inviting them for a small gathering might be a good idea.

Fitness Training Motivate Clients


  1. Don’t Stop At The Gym – How to Motivate Clients Better


Sometimes, clients think that the responsibility of their fitness trainers starts and stops in the gym. However, this is false. As fitness trainers, you should still be able to provide the assistance and guidance to your clients even outside the gym. You could go an extra mile by providing them an online sphere where you can send them articles, videos, and motivational stories in order to reinforce their desire to have a healthier lifestyle. There are a lot of social media platforms or tools online that you can use to incorporate their fitness plan even they’re out of the gym.


  1. Do Not Sugarcoat The Process – How to Motivate Clients Better


Clients who desire to change their lifestyle are often too enthusiastic about the end results. This can be harmful to their program since they are more likely to lose track of the reality that it takes massive dedication and hard work to get to the end result that they have always wanted. As their personal fitness trainer, it is highly crucial for you not to sugarcoat their path to their dream physique.


Always be realistic about the work that needs to be done in order for them to be better and healthier than their past selves. Remind not to settle for half of the intended rep because they won’t be able to get to their own finish line whenever they settle for less. Make them remember their “why,” and remind them of how that path is not an option for them to go back to. If you must as you should, encourage them to go further than the finish line that they have set for themselves. Motivate them to surpass their own expectations.


  1. Remind Them About Their Only Competition – How to Motivate Clients Better


One of the common reason as to why clients lose motivation and drive when it comes to continuing their program is because they often compare their progress with others. As their trainer, it is highly important that you remind them that this rationale is false and could possibly be harmful to their health. Again, one fitness plan might not be the best for everyone. With this, a certain someone’s progress may not be the appropriate progress for everyone else.

Motivate Clients

Remind your client that their fitness program is not a race; thus, they should take the pace that is designed for them. Always make them remember that the fitness program and plan that you created for them should be their only nemesis to beat, and the only way for them to do this is when they focus more on challenging themselves instead of comparing their progress to others.




In order for a fitness trainer to maximize the results that you wish for your client to achieve, it is highly recommended for you to provide extensive training relationship with them. Make their mission yours, and make their success yours as well.


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