How to Keep Clients Motivated Gamification

How Gamification of Fitness Can Keep Clients Motivated

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It has been a prevalent dilemma among personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts on how they can attract people to a healthy lifestyle when in fact it is as important as breathing. Having a fit lifestyle not only improve one’s physical well-being but also enhances one’s mental and emotional state as well. This is the reason why it is a challenge to win the heart of people towards achieving a sound mind and body —or, to get them into the game. Currently, gamification is a popular trend in the fitness industry.

Everybody is familiar with cellular phone fitness applications that tell you what to do on a daily basis and see to it that you get rewarded with every achievement done. But, gamification takes on a different level as it goes outside the box. It extends beyond one’s small screen since gamification integrates virtual and real-life experiences and thus face-to-face interaction can also be assured.

How to Blend Gamification into Fitness Programs

Most of the time, a person does not start participating in programs because he or she likes it. Sometimes, he or she might have to attend first a competition designed for amateurs or beginners in the field. An example of such activity could be to hold an event composing of obstacle course races, holiday-themed fitness classes, field trips and week-long challenges that have ultimate agenda. This is the reason clients need a great motivation big enough for them to train.

Gamification of Fitness

Without these contests, they would just be moping around without being mindful of their goal. Whenever you meet with clients for the first time, you should ask and discuss their goals and what they hope to achieve in the fitness program. If they do not have one, you should discuss a few engaging activities they can start to help build confidence and motivation.

You need to create specific yet time-bound ways on how to get them to be excited about having a good body.

Making Use of 21st Century Technology

There is an application called Beyond the Whiteboard that allows its users to check upon their monthly Rhino Triathlon like running, rowing and biking. It also permits users to check on their time frame and the specific pace they are currently in and even compare themselves with other fitness enthusiasts of the same age group. It will be very fun for them since they will be able to see their place of ranking and check on their improvement. There will be the desire then to beat old scores and thus there is a great amount of lifting and workouts to encourage themselves to be stronger and flexible this time.

Making Use of 21st Century Equipment

Just like kids, whenever there’re new fitness equipment around, clients seem to lighten up because they always want to try something new. This is where the equipment can be taken into a great advantage because they can be turned into an obstacle course or a measurable workout. In fact, there was once a gym member that said she left the gym because the gym owner did not fully upgrade his equipment for a significant amount of time. Thus, members can feel how invested you are to them by also investing on the appropriate and varied equipment fit for their own specific exercise purposes.

How to Kepp Clients Motivated Gamification

This is the complete benefits of blending technology, equipment, and recreational games so that progress is seen and goals achieved. Speaking of recreational games, here are some fun things to do for your deserving clients:

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt means setting up different stations with a specific set of exercises. Once the client is able to finish the exercise, you can give them a clue as to the exact location of the next station until all stations are finally done with. You can give incentives to your clients like giving them a prize for instance like books or movie tickets, and if they want to go outdoors, treat them to go see an exhibit perhaps. You can also make use of printed certificates of achievement as a great tactic to boost their self-confidence.

Obstacle Course

Next in the game is the obstacle course wherein if you have competitive clients who do not absolutely enjoy performing cardio on a machine, you can set-up a fancy circuit with creative games for exercises. Like for instance, you can set-up a course that is good for 30 minutes that combines pushing, pulling, core and lower body movements for your clients. You can even add high-intensity dynamic moves to boost their respective heart rates.

Pact Power

This game builds strong social support, encouragement and friendly competition. All you need to do is have all your clients pair up and create a pact to achieve a specific goal for a specific time period which is good for a month or two. By the end of each week, all the pairs should be able to have their own progress documented. This is also a good time for them to share their struggles and triumphs while on their way to achieving their desired body, and at the same time they can motivate and encourage each other to continue pressing on.

All Around the World

The last game puts a premium on travel because you are to set up a world tour wherein each minute or session say for example, that has been accomplished, is equivalent to a new destination. Clients can freely choose the place where they would like to travel, in reality, or in fantasy, and along the course of their adventure you can give them unique prizes to keep them to continue their voyage.

According to Swan in 2012, the goal of gamification “is to create incentives and a more engaging experience.  In other words, it’s about fun.” Achieving a sound body and mind should be as equally fun as having it. Without the proper motivation and guidance, there will be no hard work and perseverance on the part of the person and so try gamification today.

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