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Why A Fitness Coach Should Carry Out Industry Market Research Before Marketing

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For a successful fitness business, it is essential to learn about your customers and your competitors first.  This process of doing a strategic researching is a vital part for a fitness industry for a market research. What is market research? It is the analyzing process of data to better understand which products and services are in trend. By doing research, it can:

  1. Provide a clear picture of which is profitable and marketable
  2. Help determine what needs to be changed about anything that involves your business
  3. It minimizes business risks
  4. Identify whether you need to consider offering other additional services
  5. You can tell when customers are sure buyers
  6. Easily spot current and possible problems in the industry

It is best to know the basics of market research before you start your business. It is a standard protocol to get a primary research on the basic sales and the efficiency of the current practices in the fitness market industry.

Each year, there is a growing number one resolution for new year such as to lose weight and have a healthy eating habit. Clients will scout for a fitness center with the most desirable venue to make it happen by staying atop of the market trend in the industry.

Here are the top three fitness industry trends market researches before marketing:

  1. The technology you can wear

There are popular wearable fitness technologies which are now popular gifts, especially during holiday seasons. These gadgets are taking a huge leap in the fitness business and are now gaining its power. Fitness coaches take advantage of the fitness trackers on the market and sometimes offer incentives for the customers such as the customer who has the most steps taken each month gets the next month service free. You can also offer free tutorials on how to use the new gadget or technology app for customers.

Fitness Industry Trends Market Research - technology you can wear
Fitness Industry Trends Market Research – technology you can wear
  1. Nothing replaces a personal trainer

Whatever what’s on your wrist, nothing will ever be as effective as a personal trainer and a personal training. Personal training industry is expected to grow by 8% in 2024. As the industry booms, personal trainers are becoming more experts and are undergoing more extensive accreditation and certifications. So make sure that you have a team that is updated and is up to snuff. You can invest in your trainers so customers will have access to the know-how to get results and feel safe in a professional care.

Fitness Industry Trends Market Research - Personal Trainer
Fitness Industry Trends Market Research – Personal Trainer
  1. Basic bodyweight training

People seek fitness process that works out easily even with no access to the proper equipment. The idea of getting back to the basics of body weight training is still the hottest trend. That is right, basic sit-ups, push-ups, squatting, lunges, burpee, and pull-ups are still a thing. In order to be able to train effectively, clients should have a knowledge of what they are doing. Analyze the trend, get on with it and offer some classes in body weight training.

Fitness Industry Trends Market Research - Bodyweight Trainer
Fitness Industry Trends Market Research – Bodyweight Trainer

The Industry Trend and Understanding Fitness Business

The fitness industry is booming. The fuelling demand for fitness professionals has become one of the most sought health consciousness need for obesity epidemic people. This is great news for fitness coaches.

However, you need to understand a couple of other trends and do some market research to get started.

So, why do fitness coaches need to carry out market research before starting out the marketing venture? Here are the reasons why:

  1. While the demand for fitness coaches is increasing, so is the number of personal trainers growing. In the US alone, a rate of 44% fitness trainers has grown between 2001 and 2011.
  2. There is a growing preference for do-it-yourself exercises, or fitness learning exercises available free from YouTube videos or phone apps that are now accessible everywhere.

A trending online fitness business is a good marketing idea for a fitness coach to get around both increased competition with local businesses and growing competition provided that it’s a free instruction. With an online training, you instantly gain the ability to train clients from around the world, compared to being tied to a physical location where there are limited means to reaching out to people within a comfortable distance.

To establish an online business, it doesn’t necessarily come up with various expensive overheads that deal with face-to-face training, rent and equipment. With an online scheme, it gives you the option to provide training at a lower cost and engages people who seek help with their fitness but does not want to be out the comfort of their homes.

Maximizes earning potential

An energetic, hard-working, crazy fit personal trainers can reach their human limitations when it comes to having face-to-face training with the clients. This is the traditional training which you get paid for your time, and you make money only when you are working. This time-for-money trap puts a ceiling on how much earnings you will have with limited hours in a day. Doing a market research can teach you that when you no longer have the need to be there with your clients, you can be free from the trap and explore the unlimited earning possibility.

Fitness coaches. You can have all the newest gadget and technology in the world, yet finding your motivation to move can still be a challenge that you have to face every day. According to the researches, the personal training industry is expected to increase its growth to 8 percent between 2014-2024. With more and more increased levels of accreditation and available fitness programs, professionals gain better education than ever. Scout for a perfect trainer out there, do your research and find the one that is right and works for you.

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