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10 things a fitness coach should never say to a client

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So you have taken a huge decision to start working with a personal fitness coach. You have set an appointment, booked and have told everyone how fabulously hot you’re going to be in a short matter of time and that you have bought a lot of trendy workout outfits.

The heart of a successful fitness coach is the ability to create and maintain relationships with clients. Having the best interpersonal relationship with your clients can guarantee success rather than an inability to exude right rapport with clients.

fitness coach should never say to a client

How do you find out if you have made a good decision about hiring a fitness coach? With help from the social media community, below are the top ten things a fitness coach should never say to a client or a potential client which we need reminding. With comments about a clients’ funny appearance, weight or exercise pacing, there are at least less obvious comments we need to take note of.  Find a new coach in case you hear he/she say any of these things.

  1. Between reps, your trainer said, “You look tired and take a few minutes rest.”

It’s your trainer’s job to keep you going and work hard. Your trainer should know the difference between feeling a bit rundown than being exhausted. If you think you need a much-needed sleep, you and you are falling asleep right here and there, maybe you can reschedule your session and take a satisfying nap.

  1. “Finish every session as fast as you can”

Who wants to be rushed? We want fast results but we don’t want to feel rushed. One of the main reason to have a perfect form and technique is to avoid injury and target the body parts you want to target. You can start with a basic technique and speed will come if that’s what you are after.

  1. “It’s a good idea for fitness juice, take it and come back for a session.”

A good fitness trainer encourages you to get the most out of every workout sessions, and may sometimes suggest you be fully fueled and hydrated before you begin. Think twice if your trainer tells you to start a drastic diet which can compromise your health and won’t fuel properly for your workouts.

  1. “You can quit if you find this move too hard.”

You know that if you don’t push yourself, you won’t progress and you won’t reach your fitness goals. A good trainer should not suggest you stop or quit but rather, will keep stepping things up to keep your body improving without letting you hurt yourself or make you uncomfortable when you feel like quitting.

  1. “I swear, you will drop 10 pounds in a week.”

Scary isn’t it? This is not okay. An effective fitness coach understands that getting fit and reaching the fitness goal is all about your body pace and steady progress. Commitment and hard work adds up to successful fitness success and not quick drastic fixes.

  1. “You have set an appointment. Your fever is not an excuse”

You should know that your health comes first. Stay away from the gym if you are not feeling well. You will only feel worse if you continue working out, feel sluggish and spread your germs around. So, even if it’s true that exercise can make you feel better, don’t come to the gym. Also, find another fitness trainer if you hear him/her say that your fever or flu is just an excuse.

  1. “ Your workout outfit is ugly.”

Having the right workout gear and workout outfit can help avoid possible injury and can enhance performance. A fitness trainer can recommend an expensively branded outfit but you can take the advice of a salesperson rather than the trainer.  What you wear is up to you as long as you are free to move, comfortable and your body is fully supported.

  1. “You deserve that large double cheeseburger, caramel sundae, and fries after our session!”

It’s heavenly to hear this. But you are on a serious training, and it’s a no. Ask for a sensible nutrition advice that will complement your workout goals. It is a job of a fitness coach to give you health tips, so make sure you ask and eat right to maintain a balanced lifestyle to help you reach your fitness aim.

  1. “Just an hour session a week with me can fix it”

You are one of those lucky people who can afford to get a personal trainer at least six times a week. Chances are, you will be forced to motivate yourself for a majority of the time. A fitness coach should not promise that by having an hour a week can make all the difference if you are not seeing the result you really want. You still need to take a hard look at what you do when you are not in session.

  1. “You should look like him/her”

Comparing clients can make them feel as if they are incapable of achieving their goals. Surely that the intention is to inspire and make them feel that they are not alone in their journey, however, making comparison can hurt an can breed uncertainty.

If you are a fitness trainer and you want to be the best coach for your client, be mindful of your facial expressions and nonverbal actions.

At the end of every workout session, fitness coaches should practice mindfulness and awareness in the body and facial expressions. Often times, body languages communicate more than with words. If you are a fitness trainer and you want to be the best coach for your client, be mindful of your facial expressions and nonverbal actions. You might lose your client and your business will go down the drain.

Make sure that every word that comes out of your mouth is well-intended and showcases your ability to empathize with clients even if you have never experienced it from your own perceptive. Practicing self-awareness around using positive communication can do such a significant thing to your client and it can be your most valuable skill set as a fitness coach.


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