Plyometric Leg Exercises

10 Plyometric Leg Exercises You Need For More Power

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Plyometric leg exercises focuses mainly on the strengthening of your lower body by enhancing leg strength, coordination, and balance. This means that this type of workout will require absolute effort from the entire body while also gaining cardiovascular benefits.

Specifically helpful to athletes, this workout routine helps train the muscles in a particular way in creating quick and powerful movements. Plyometric leg exercises are ideal in building spectacular speed to athletes of sports like basketball, football, martial arts, and many more.

Sometimes known as jump training, plyometric leg exercises involve explosive movements that involve launching and landing to challenge the muscles of the legs, which will eventually lead the increase of your power and overall strength. However, you should always warm up before engaging in plyometric leg training because this can be quite extreme especially to those who are not very well conditioned.

Plyometric Leg Exercises
Plyometric Leg Exercises

Precautions in Plyometric Exercises

  • Only do plyometric workout or any kind of exercise at all if you are well-conditioned and flexible
  • Doing this exercise for more than 3 to 4 times in a week can cause damage to your muscles and joints
  • Because this workout is high impact by nature, use precaution if you have bad joints
  • Consider low impact exercises when you are heavier than 245 pounds to start in the proper way
  • Always assure the surface you are doing your exercise routines in to avoid any injury

Warm-Up Drills You Need To Do Before Starting

Before engaging yourself in any plyometric leg workout routines, here are some of the best warm-up drills you can do:

  1. Jogging Drills
  2. Skipping Drills
  3. Lunging Drills
  4. Jumping Jacks (1 minute)
  5. High Knees (1 minute)
Plyometric Leg Exercises - Precations
Plyometric Leg Exercises – Precations

Plyometric Leg Exercises

After warming up, you will finally be ready to do this high impact workout! Here are 10 plyometric leg exercises that you can start with:

  1. Explosive Star Jump

  • Start in a relaxed stance with hip-width apart, and your arms close to the body
  • With weight in your heels, squat down halfway
  • Explode back up as high as you can by pushing through your heels while fully extending your arms and legs out
  • Land gently from toe to heel, and go back to squatting to repeat the whole process


  1. Frog Jump

  • Begin by widening your stance as much as you can to achieve a frog-like position
  • Lower into a squat, your torso setting back with your hands touching the floor
  • Push through your heels to explode up (exhale as you explode) with your arms extended
  • Land from toe to heel, and lower your hands immediately to prepare for the first step to repeat


  1. Donkey Kick

  • With your stance hip-width apart, bend over with your hands placed on the floor about a foot apart from your feet
  • With bended knees, kick one heel upwards as high as you can
  • Control your leg as you put it back to the ground (do not drop casually)
  • Kick one heel again but this time with the other one. Continue alternating sides.


  1. Ice Skater

  • As your lunge position, begin with a curtsy position with your left leg behind the right, and your left hand on the floor
  • Launch up, and while midair, switch the position of your legs and hand to get ready for the 2nd rep
  • Repeat alternating by quickly moving side to side


  1. Long Jump

  • Like the frog jump, widen your stance first
  • Go into a deep squat with your hips setting back and your both your hands on the floor
  • Push from your heels to explode forward with arms extended above your head
  • Land gently and you’ll notice you landed a few feet away every time
  • Immediately squat when you land to repeat the whole thing


  1. Lunge Jump

  • Begin in a lunge position but with your back leg bended and its front knee not past the ankle of your front leg
  • Swing your arms to help you propel yourself up to explode
  • On midair, immediately switch your leg position to land gently with the other leg
  • Lower into another lunge and repeat as quickly as you can while switching legs each time


  1. Reverse Lunge Knee-Up

  • Start in a reverse lunge with the hand opposite of your forwarded leg on the floor, as if ready to run
  • Explode yourself up, pushing your backward knee up toward the sky and the opposite hand of that leg extended above your head
  • Land gently and lower back into the reverse lunge you started with the exact same leg and hand positions
  • Continue for 30 seconds on the same leg. Do the other leg on the second set with also 30 seconds


  1. Plank to Squat

  • Begin in a push-up position with shoulders stacked over wrists
  • Slowly start to bend your knees, then hop forward to bring yourself into a deep squat
  • Push through your hands to life your hips and jump back into the push-up position and repeat


  1. Squat Jump

  • Start your stance in a widened position
  • Lower yourself into a squat
  • Push yourself through the heels and toes to launch yourself up
  • Land gently from toe to heel to and immediately lower back into the squat


  1. Tuck Jump

  • Begin in stance with feet hip-width apart
  • Put your weight down into your heels as you sit back on your hips ready to explode up
  • Swing your arms from the back towards the sky to help yourself explode up as high as you can but with your knees tucked into your chest
  • On midair, bring your elbows to meet in the middle
  • Land gently with control from your legs and repeat the whole process


When done on a regular basis, you can see its results manifesting in a stronger version of yourself with a shorter reaction time and more stamina for whatever activity or sport you are participating in. With a combination of a cardio workout, you can build endurance. Nevertheless, always remember to take have a bit of rest (30 seconds) each time after doing a certain exercise in your routine. Always stretch after a strenuous workout to lessen the possibility of muscle strains and injuries.






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